Shentel partners with Altec on hybrid truck


In the spring of 2017, Shentel began to work with Altec, a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility and telecommunications markets, to find a solution to the unnecessary idle time and fuel consumption of their bucket trucks. Shentel managers and technicians  inspected and tested a new hybrid bucket truck which utilized an electric lift system and took the diesel engine offline.

The results of the field test and further research positioned Shentel to make the decision to purchase the new platform for conventional bucket truck replacements. Altec’s hybrid-electric technology or JEMS (Jobsite Energy Management System) is an integrated plug-in system that uses stored electrical energy to power the aerial device, tools and exportable power, and provides cab comfort. The energy storage system is recharged by plugging into external power or by the truck’s internal combustion engine. This technology will eliminate idle time at the job site, lessen noise pollution, decrease the carbon footprint and tailpipe emissions, and reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

On December 15, the first hybrid lift truck was delivered to the Shentel fleet. Shentel hybrid bucket trucks will display a new graphic to raise employee and public awareness of its commitment to conservation.

Shentel plans to work in the future with Altec to continue to integrate more eco-friendly vehicles into the company fleet. To learn more about Shentel, please