New York, NY - What Not to Wear fans, prepare to rejoice! Style maven, and often times psychologist Stacy London is back and tackling a new fashion mission, but in this all-new series, it’s about make-UNDERS. LOVE, LUST OR RUN, set to premiere on Friday, January 23rd at 9/8c, features women with major fashion mishaps as they come to Stacy for help in turning their over-the-top looks from WTF to WOW. The 12-episode run is produced by True Entertainment.

In every half-hour episode of LOVE, LUST OR RUN, Stacy coaches each woman on her fashion choices and under Stacy's tutelage she discovers what impact her choices are actually making in her life. At the beginning of each episode, viewers are given a glimpse at how defensive a woman dedicated to outrageous fashion can become when Stacy reveals how strangers on the street rate her style: either “Love” “Lust” or “Run.” Next, each woman strips off her hair extensions, wild clothes, and garish makeup in order tostart with a blank slate.  Stacy then guides each woman through a transformative make-under, which will dramatically change her look and allow her to channel what she really wants from the outside world. Episodes will culminate when Stacy again takes to the streets to ask strangers to rate the woman’stransformed style as “Love” “Lust” or “Run.”

“I am so thrilled to have Stacy back on TLC!” said Nancy Daniels, General Manager, TLC. “She has an amazing ability to connect with fashion challenged women and help them find their own sense of style.  With this new show, we definitely put Stacy's skills to the test.”

“For me, this new series was an evolution of What Not to Wear, and not wanting to leave the style space made this a perfect opportunity for me,” said London. “This show will still satisfy the needs of that audience while giving them a fresh take on transformative television. I’ve missed my TLC family and the fans!”

Some of the jaw-dropping transformations this season include:

Tanika tries to cover up her self-esteem issues by flaunting her body in mesh tops and thigh-high boots.  Her look gets plenty of attention, but instead of inspiring catcalls on the street, Tanika wants to learn to dress more like a mom and make her nine-year-old daughterproud.

Deanna is a New York City girl who has fallen in love with the “Jersey” look - her style icon is even Victoria Gotti.  Everything about Deanna is larger than life: her hair, her make-up, and of course, her heels.  She’s starting a business and needs Stacy’s help to tone down her look and have people take her seriously.

Serena is a devoted mother of three, who spends all of her time caring for her young children.  An artist at heart, her only creative outlet comes when she hits her closet.  But with dreadlocks, cartoonish outfits, and over-the-top makeup, the message she sends to the world is RUN!

Ellie is a young dancer from Pennsylvania with bright green hair, five-inch platform boots and spikes galore.  Her dark, scary style started as a schoolgirl rebellion but has eventually become a way of life.  Now she’s stuck dressing like a villain in a horror movie and needs help finding a better style for the next phase of her life.