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SANTA MONICA, CA – Tastemade, the modern media brand that creates award-winning lifestyle video programming for digital, mobile, and streaming linear television platforms, today announced its partnership with and launch on YouTube TV.  

YouTube TV offers cable-free live TV that allows consumers to watch live and video-on-demand programming from major broadcast and popular cable networks. Tastemade will deliver on the passionate categories of food, home, and travel, and provide a 24/7 linear channel with hundreds of hours of original programing, including 10 new episodic series to roll out over the next year, plus live programming and thematic blocks. 

“When we started the company, we knew the seismic changes in the media industry would present Tastemade with the opportunity to compete for consumer attention side-by-side with some of the world’s biggest TV brands. That day is here,” said Larry Fitzgibbon, co-founder and CEO of Tastemade. 

 "YouTube TV brings the best of TV together with the best of YouTube into a simple and easy experience that’s built from the ground up for the 21st century. Tastemade has a strong presence on YouTube, and we are excited to bring its lifestyle programming to YouTube TV members,” said Christian Oestlien, Director of Product, YouTube TV. “As we look to build a modern streaming television service, we see programmers like Tastemade as a great way to engage consumers looking for fresh and innovative programming in food, travel, and home/design." 

  YouTube TV is the latest in a growing line of mobile/digital/OTT and now linear channels for Tastemade, which already has high visibility with distributors like Apple TV, Snapchat Discover, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Tastemade’s slate of original programming to air on Youtube TV will include: 


Shot, directed and produced by a female-led team, we follow our host Saada Ahmed as she travels the globe to meet trailblazing women who are influencing the communities around them. Stories include free-divers in South Korea to an all-female motorcycle crew in India. Through Saada’s journey, we’ll uncover their incredible stories around the globe visiting India, South Africa, South Korea, Colombia, Ethiopia and others.


The foods we eat hold truths about who we are and where we come from. French-Filipino chef Erwan Heussaff travels to the remote islands of the Philippines to discover the people, places and ingredients that define his home country.


Bubble Gum Tester. Chicken Sexer. Water Sommelier. Dog food taste-tester. Yes, these jobs actually exist, and we’re crossing the country to get our hands dirty doing some of the strangest food-related jobs you’ve never heard of.


Life-changing trips can be had at any budget. We prove it as we follow the madcap adventures of Marko and Alex Ayling of the VagaBrothers, who will experience the same place on wildly different budgets per day.


Just Jen is a playful, humorous and informative in-studio cooking and lifestyle show that brings the best of Tastemaker Jen Phanomrat’s homemade digital videos to a long form television show. From expert cooking tips to collaborative DIY projects, Jen will enthusiastically try weird ingredients, gadgets and internet fads, bringing the audience along for the ride.

  About Tastemade 

Tastemade is a modern media brand inspiring the taste of a generation through entertainment, commerce and experiences. The company creates award-winning video programming in Food, Home and Travel, which appears on all major digital, mobile, streaming OTT and linear TV platforms. The company reaches a global audience of over 250 million active monthly viewers, streaming 2.5 billion views, and has built an engaged, passionate, global community. Tastemade has won a host of awards for its innovative video programming, including two James Beard Awards. Based in Santa Monica, CA, Tastemade is funded by Redpoint Ventures, Raine Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Liberty Media, Scripps Networks Interactive, and Goldman Sachs. For more information, visit Tastemade at: www.tastemade.com.