TCM Launches Final Year of Trailblazing Women Initiative Celebrating Women’s Contribution To The Film Industry


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) today announced the final year of Trailblazing Womena three-year initiative in partnership with Women In Film Los Angeles (WIF) to raise awareness about the historical contributions of women in the film industry. This year’s programming event will examine the substantial impact that female writers, editors and producers have held within the film industry. Hosted by actress, producer and director Illeana DouglasTrailblazing Women premieres Oct. 2and airs every Monday throughout October.

Joining Douglas as co-hosts will be: 

Writer and producer Leslie Dixon (Limitless, 2011), will discuss the careers of 1920s and 1930s writers Bess Meredyth (Ben Hur, 1925) and Dorothy Parker (A Star is Born, 1937), as well as Hollywood legends Frances Marion (Camille, 1937) and Anita Loos (The Women, 1939)

Screenwriter Callie Khouri (Thelma and Louise, 1991), will examine the influence of female writers during the Classic Hollywood period and beyond including the work of Leigh Brackett (The Big Sleep, 1946), Ruth Gordon (Adam’s Rib, 1949) and Betty Comden (Singin’ in the Rain, 1952)

Oscar-nominated editor Maryann Brandon (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015) will discuss early editors who opened the door for women in editing positions and will showcase works from Anne Bauchens (Madame Satan, 1930) and three-time Oscar nominated editor Dede Allen (Bonnie and Clyde, 1967)

Oscar-nominated editor Lynzee Klingman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975) will highlight the works of contemporary editors Anne V. Coates (The Elephant Man, 1980), Susan Morse (Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986), Thelma Schoonmaker (Casino, 1995) and Carol Littleton (Places in the Heart, 1984)

Producer Stephanie Allain (Hustle & Flow, 2005) will discuss female producers who handled the writing, casting and styling on their own accord including June Mathis (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921), Kathleen Kennedy (Back to the Future, 1985) and Julia Philips (Taxi Driver, 1976)

“This years Trailblazing Women initiative allows us to feature a variety of writers, producers and editors who challenged gender stereotypes while carving out successful careers,” said Charles Tabesh, senior vice president of programming for TCM. “We are excited to showcase their work, their impact throughout history and how these women paved the way for the future of our industry and culture.”  

"We are truly honored to present the third year of Trailblazing Women with TCM,” said Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director of Women In Film. "By shining a light on the historic accomplishments of these extraordinary women behind the camera, we hope to catalyze greater momentum toward achieving gender parity in the entertainment industry.”