Teleplan Enhances Test Solution Portfolio With Titan


AMSTERDAM -- Teleplan, a leading global after-market supply chain solutions provider, launches the fully automated multi device tester Titan. Together with its global engineering team and their innovation center in Tallinn/Estonia Teleplan invests in a new technology roadmap to further develop this automated objective set-top box testing platform to ensure it remains at the leading edge supporting latest and next generation industry technologies. Titan is already an integral part of existing CPE service program lines at Teleplan' s service center locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Titan is a further complement to Teleplan's growing family of innovative test solutions which extends across a multitude of technologies including storage devices, connected devices, networking equipment, computers and smartphones.

"Teleplan's test capabilities with our HDD tester Proteus, our lite test solution for networking products, our full functional automated connected device test platform Revolution Ecosystem and our latest addition with Titan makes Teleplan's test solution portfolio second to none in the after-market service industry. With Titan, we can help customers deliver even more value to their reverse supply chains. We already have an exciting roadmap of new capabilities in mind that can help to deliver improved device screening quality decisions to our clients", says Ron Leitch, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Teleplan.

Keybenefits and capabilities of Titan:

  • Offers real time, intelligent automated decisions based upon testing results, ensuring that those correctly functioning devises are deployed and those that are not functioning are efficiently repaired before being sent into the field
  • Improves cost-effectiveness and efficiency of testing as multiple devices can be tested simultaneously
  • Ensures a flexible, programmable and future-proof automated testing platform
  • Delivers a proven track record of lowering the number of false no-fault-found (NFF) devices that are sent back into the field
  • Performs reliable, repeatable and rigorous audio and video testing across multiple devices
  • Titan detects up to eight percent more faults in returning home entertainment devices than would be found by purely manual testing

Teleplan International N.V. is an industry leader in lifecycle care for after-market service, operating in the areas of Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics. Focusing on Customer Care, Managed Logistics, Parts Management, Screening & Testing, Repair/Refurbish and Resell/Recycle, Teleplan has over 33 years of proven performance providing value propositions throughout the supply chain from the point of purchase to the end of life. Teleplan innovates to consistently keep up with the advances in interactive connectivity and communication and our Telemade approach tailors to each individual customer's needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, Teleplan's service centers have a global reach of over 95 countries and employ over 5000 people.