TiVo’s Cubiware to Enable Astra Telekom to Deliver IPTV Service in Serbia


AMSTERDAM-- Cubiware, a Warsaw, Poland based TiVo company (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced that Astra Telekom, a privately held Serbian telecom operator, will use Cubiware’s middleware solutions to provide enhanced IPTV services to customers throughout Serbia.

Astra Telekom will use Cubiware’s solutions to bring customers the latest in IPTV technology, producing a cost-effective choice and an enhanced entertainment experience in home and across mobile devices for the consumer. In addition to linear TV service, a mainstream offering in the Serbian market, Astra Telekom plans to implement Cubiware’s CatchUP and VoD features to deliver Astra TV, a high quality TV distribution service for consumers.

“We are excited to work with Cubiware for our IPTV service,” said Slobodan Preradovic, CEO of Astra Telekom. “With our collaborative solution we plan to grow the Serbian IPTV market, bringing our customers an entertainment experience they want and deserve. Cubiware understands our business model and approach and we look forward to working with them on solutions that foster that expansion.”

“Our team is eager to work with Astra Telekom in delivering the Serbian market a low-cost IPTV solution that suits the needs of their customer base,” said Maciej Grzonkowski, co-founder of Cubiware. “There are many IPTV and OTT services in the market, but together we provide a product that has already grown customer satisfaction.”

About Astra Telekom

Astra Telekom is a privately held telecom company from Serbia. As a fast-growing telecom operator, Astra Telekom is committed to bringing new technologies and services to the Serbian market. Astra Telekom provides Internet connectivity via several access networks (Fiber, Wireless and DSL) to residential and corporate clients. Astra Telekom also provides IPTV services, fixed telephony, shared and cloud hosting, managed network services and business solutions. For additional information please visit www.astratelekom.com or email info@astratelekom.com.

About Cubiware

Cubiware, a TiVo company (NASDAQ: TIVO), is an innovative provider of software for Digital TV devices and systems. Cubiware’s CubiTV solution is flexible middleware that enables cable, satellite, terrestrial TV operators, and telcos to introduce advanced TV services to network services. Support for a variety of Internet standards and high customizability enables rapid and cost-effective deployment. Cubiware’s CubiSDK software development kit (SDK) enables the building of customized software for video-enabled devices such as IPTV set-top boxes (STBs), DVB Zappers, and DVRs. CubiSDK includes multiple pre-built plug-ins and libraries, which may be used to add value to existing Cubiware IPTV or DVB/IP deployments as well as to accelerate development of new DTV products. For additional information please visit www.cubiware.com or email info@cubiware.com.

About TiVo

TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) is the global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights. From the interactive program guide to the DVR, TiVo delivers innovative products and licensable technologies that revolutionize how people find content across a changing media landscape. TiVo enables the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience. Explore the next generation of entertainment at tivo.comforward.tivo.com or follow us on Twitter @tivo or @tivoforbusiness.