TKS leverages OpenVault expertise to optimize broadband experiences in Europe

Cloud-based solutions drive improved insights into usage, network management needs
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Hoboken, NJ; January 15, 2019 – OpenVault, a global provider of industry analytics and technology solutions for broadband operators, today announced that TKS is using multiple OpenVault solutions to gain greater insights into broadband usage across its networks to better manage and forecast bandwidth capacity in Europe.

TKS is using OpenVault’s cloud-based tools to gain the real-time visibility that can optimize network management, predict increased demand and ultimately deliver the best possible experience across service areas in Germany and Italy. TKS is a Vodafone company that provides American television programming, telephone, internet and wireless services to United States military communities, including service members and civilians, in Europe.

OpenVault’s Operations & Analytics module is enabling TKS to observe real-time subscriber usage patterns and predict network capacity needs, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction. OpenVault’s Marketing Dashboard gives TKS insight into a variety of subscriber, package, and market usage metrics, such as usage distribution across its subscriber base, average usage per subscriber by package, and top upstream usage subscribers, in order to provide customers with more responsive and optimal bandwidth packages that improve the quality of experience.

The TKS deployment follows OpenVault’s expanded relationship with Cablenet of Cyprus and a pre-deployment trial with Grupo TVCable, the largest cable operator in Ecuador, as the latest steps in OpenVault’s international growth.

“TKS’s mission is to provide the high-quality communications and entertainment services that help the American military community abroad maintain its links to their families and friends in the United States,” said Axel Grün, Director of Operations at TKS. “OpenVault’s innovative technology and intelligent solutions ensures that our bandwidth capacity meets increased demands so we can continue to deliver the best possible experience to those who have made a commitment to safeguarding our region.”

“TKS is among a growing number of operators who are showing how network management and visibility into broadband usage patterns can drive new revenue opportunities and business success,” said Mark Trudeau, CEO and founder of OpenVault. “Together with Cablenet, Grupo TV Cable and others, they’re setting new standards for proactively anticipating subscribers’ usage needs and network capabilities and delivering service quality that can drive customer satisfaction and retention.”


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