December 31, 2018 – Ultra Docu begins 2019 with a vast roster of political, filmic and biographical documentaries that tell the stories of inspiring lives and intense events in Latin American history. With these releases the channel expands its consistent vision of keeping knowledge-seeking fans plugged into trustworthy and informational content from around the globe, and carved between biography ad history, Ultra Docu also has a special treat for lovers of technology-related films.

“We are proud to start 2019 with a powerful collection of real -life stories that portray the endless human quest for love, life and freedom,” said Jesus Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. “Pequeñas Mentiras Piadosas and Mi Huida, for instance, are gripping and eye-opening documentaries that are sure to pleasure fans of this genre.”

The documentaries premiering January 2019 in Ultra Docu are:

Pequeñas Mentiras Piadosas (The Travel Agent)

1/3/2019- 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: The Travel Agent (Little White Lies for its Spanish translation) presents the dramatic story of Lourdes, a Cuban citizen living in communism after 54 years of US economic embargo. After many years, Lourdes finally gets the elusive visa she needed to visit her mother, who is now aged, ill and on the verge of passing. Did the visa come too little, too late?

Mi Huida (My Exodus)

1/6/2019 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: Mi Huida outlines gripping and inspiring interviews with countless people who have fled their respective villages, homes and/or countries due to persecution and/or violence. These admirable and courageous human beings, many with only a cell phone in hand, seek to enter Germany in hopes of finding sanctuary so they can start their lives anew.

Tras Nazarin (Following Nazarin)

1/10/2019 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: Tras Nazarín is an intriguing memorial documentary about the creation of the acclaimed 1959 Mexican film “Nazarin” and the life and works of its late director, Luis Buñuel. The film includes never before seen footage and photographs taken while the movie was filmed more than 50 years ago.

Cuentame de Bia (Tell Me About Bia)

1/13/2019 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: Andrea Franco's Tell Me About Bia is a documentary dedicated to the life and work of her late grandfather, 1970s Peruvian filmmaker Bernardo Batievsky, known for films such as Mirage and Cholo, starring the then popular footballer Hugo “Cholo” Sotil.

30 Años de Oscuridad (30 Years of Darkness)

1/17/2019 - 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: When the Spanish Civil War came to an end danger continues to loom as many citizens are randomly executed. To avoid detection and likely suffer a similar fate, Manuel Cortes takes the extraordinary measure of digging a hole in the wall of his house which would actually become his constant prison and isolation chamber for the next three decades.

Cyborgs Entre Nosotros (Cyborgs Among Us)

1/20/2019 - 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: This intriguing and entertaining documentary focuses on how people with various illnesses and/or disabilities are increasingly using technology via motorized limbs and other implants that allow them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Muerte en León (Death in León)

1/21/2019 - 8 p.m. EST

Synopsis: Non-fiction series about the murder of the president of the Provincial Council of León, Spain. The four-part non-fiction takes viewers deep into the rampant political, judicial and police corruption that characterized that moment in history and the many people who consequently suffered.

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