West Palm Beach, FL – February 27, 2019 – Ultra Film enters March with a roster of hair-raising mystery and horror films about doomsday, stalkers, killer ancient liqueurs, extraterrestrials and a zombie apocalypse. The network distinguishes itself as the prime HD movie channel offering the best in modern films from around the world, dubbed or originally produced in Spanish for the U.S. Latino audience, most new titles premiering at 10 p.m. EST.

The horror saga begins the 1 with Eterna Nación Maldita (Eternal Damn Nation), exciting release about the end of the world and the fight between good and evil. A woman with amnesia unveils a global corporate conspiracy March 5 in Evolución 626 (Evolution). Meanwhile, a secret agent chases a serial killer called Pygmalion March 8 in Reflejos de Asesino (Reflections). March 11 features a stalker turned murderer in Del Playa, and a zombie apocalypse strikes March 12 in Sin Rumbo (We All Fall Down).

Moreover, a teenager’s life is saved by aliens March 13 in Exilio (Exile), and a deadly plant-based elixir comes to the screen March 14 in Asesinato en Fressange (The Secret of the Abby). El Dia del Juicio Final de Danny (Danny's Doomsday) launches on the 15th, where mysterious predators attack teenage brothers, and two young girls confront a gang of thieves March 19 in Karla y Katrine.

Other horror films premiering throughout March include Una Noche Extraña (Night of Something Strange), Salvaje (Savage), Paciente Siete (Patient Seven), Diosa del Amor (Goddess of Love), Sé Que Estás Ahí (I Know You're in There) and La Casa del Purgatorio (House of Purgatory).

Ultra Film is owned and operated by Olympusat Inc. and is available on Charter Spectrum, Hotwire Communications, Liberty, Verizon FiOS and VEMOX.

For more information, please visit ultrafilmtv.com.

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Ultra Film Brings extends Halloween horror into December

Ultra Film, the first HD movie network offering the best in modern films from around the world, dubbed or originally produced in Spanish for the U.S. Latino audience is extending its Halloween homage to horror into December, premiering a new macabre story every week

Ultra Film Brings Challenging Love Stories on February

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Ultra Film, the first HD movie network offering the best in modern films from around the world, is focusing on love and friendship. Including a TV series from Ukraine and a film from Spain, these special features are either dubbed or originally produced in Spanish for the U.S. Latino audience.

De la piel del diablo Still 7

Gran Cine Presents World Premiere of Latest Horror Film by César del Álamo

Physical attraction and passion turn to terror this month in Gran Cine’s world premiere of the new horror film by Spanish director and master of the macabre César del Álamo. Also debuting this month is the story of a group of people wandering the desert in search of spirituality, and the shocking tale of a depressed man struggling with a physical impairment that crosses the line into ultimate insanity and unspeakable violence. Gran Cine is a prime, round-the-clock Spanish network that presents a wide range of uncut and commercial-free contemporary movies from México, Latin America and the U.S, each new release starting at 10 p.m. EST.

La Seleccion 14

Ultra Macho Presents Action and Adventure in March

March is packed with action and adventure in Ultra Macho with the premiere of movies about aerial terrorism, the end of the world and a powerful ancient crystal. Also launching is the story of two Russian agents and their endless fight against crime, and a series centered on the lives of famous soccer players. The channel is the prime destination for HD Spanish content including films, series, Mexican wrestling, and extreme sports programming, each new release starting EST.

Ultra Film Starts 2019 with Hauntings, Action and Political Intrigue

Ultra Film ushers in the first half of 2019 with hit US films featuring powerful performances by Elijah Wood, Patrick Swayze, Michael York, and the late former wrestler Roddy Piper. With these releases the network reaffirms its position as the top HD channel catering directly to the Latino audience.

En las Alturas_Still013

Ultra Familia Launches Exhilarating Rocket Ride

Ultra Familia unveils an exciting world of quirky facts and veiled mysteries with the February premiere of the acclaimed Fumpy Facts animated series, directed by the late and legendary Danish cartoonist Werner “WOW” Wejp-Olsen.

Fugly! It is a movie about a Latino Comic who attempts to play a prank.

Ultra Film Announces Star-packed Premieres for May

The star-packed international movies premiering this month on Ultra Film are: Frozen (5/15/2018) featuring Emma Bell and Shawn Ashmore, Fugly! (5/22/2018) starring the talented and versatile John Leguizamo and Intervention (5/29/2018) starring Charles Dance and Donna D'errico.