Univision Revs up its Presidential Election Coverage to Keep Hispanic America Fully Informed from the Start of the Conventions through Election Night

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Univision’s “Destino 2016” dedicated election coverage kicks into high gear as the nation enters the last phase of the presidential campaign. Expanded multi-format coverage across Univision’s broadcast and digital platforms will run from July 18 –the start the Republican National Convention– through Election Night, November 8th, bringing Hispanic America information and analysis on the presidential race, with special focus on the issues that matter most to Latino voters.

Univision News, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), has dedicated its best resources to revving up coverage during the final months of the 2016 election cycle. Through all news programming airing on the Univision Network and its digital and social media platforms including Univision.com, UnivisionNoticias.com, Facebook.com/univisionnoticias, Facebook.com/UnivisionPolítica, @UniNoticias and @UniPolitica, UCI will continue to keep the Hispanic community fully informed about every political development taking place across the nation, right up to the final election results.


A complete team of Univision News anchors, reporters, political analysts and commentators will travel to the Republican and Democratic national conventions to provide on-site coverage of all the action taking place inside and around the venues. Reports will air on the network newscast Noticiero Univision, the morning show Despierta América (Wake Up America), and the newsmagazine Primer Impacto (First Impact), while the Sunday morning political shows Al Punto (To the Point) and Al Punto Florida will feature post-convention analysis. Convention coverage will include interviews with prominent Republicans and Democrats, as well as with delegates attending the events, and much more. On the digital front, UnivisionNoticias.com will publish extensive reporting from the conventions.

Univision will also cover the four upcoming presidential debates live on broadcast and digital with commentary and analysis following each debate.


Univision has been delivering a wealth of in-depth and original digital reporting –in multiple formats– since the beginning of the primary election cycle via Univision.com, UnivisionNoticias.com and social media platforms. During the last phase of the presidential campaign, several new digital elements and sections will be added, among them:

·         Eye on the Campaigns: Follows reporters assigned exclusively to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns 24/7.

·         Swing Sates Focus: Covers the 10 key swing states that will define the November election.

·         Facebook Live: Daily broadcasts from the Univision newsroom and from the field.

·         Weekly Vlogcast: Discusses the hottest campaign issues. 

·         Politiqueando Podcast: Informal political conversations between journalists and special guests.

·         Dreamers in 3D: Animations depicting stories of undocumented youth.

·         What would you ask of…?: Voters tell candidates what matters most to them.

·         The TV Battle: A weekly roundup of the best and most controversial campaign TV ads. 

·         The Week in Pictures: The best photos from the campaign trail.

·         Discover Your Favorite Candidate: An app that allows users to determine which candidate is a better fit for them, based on their user profile and answers to a questionnaire.

·         Hispanic Vote Forecast: Monitors and predicts Hispanic voter intent.  

·         Lie Detector: Analyzes the candidates’ statements to determine what is true and false.

·         The Electoral Soap: A humorous weekly recap of the presidential campaigns.

·         “Daily Brief”: A daily newsletter with the latest from the world of politics.

·         The Electoral Dictionary: Reference content to help the Hispanic community understand key concepts of U.S. politics.


In addition to Univision News’ National Hispanic Voter Survey, the findings of which were released last week, two other exclusive national polls will be commissioned by Univision News between now and Election Day, as well as several state-wide surveys reflecting Latino voters’ views. In-depth analysis of the results will appear on UnivisionNoticias.com. Univision News will also launch its own electoral forecasting model focused on analysis of voter surveys to predict turnout in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico - five battle ground states where the Hispanic vote will likely determine the next president of the United States.


The Univision Network will provide wall-to-wall Election Night live coverage, with reporters stationed at the Clinton and Trump headquarters throughout the day and night. Univision’s team of award-winning anchors, along with expert political reporters, commentators and analysts, will be broadcasting live from Univision News’ state-of-the-art Election Center in Miami, equipped with the latest virtual 3-D graphics technology. Coverage details will be announced at a later date.

According to Pew Research Center - Hispanic Trends, over 27 million U.S. Hispanics will be eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election, one of the most contentious elections in the country’s recent history. This year, the Latino electorate is expected to once again play a crucial role in determining the outcome.