Untamed Sports turbocharges 2019 with the launch of a new, high-octane series about grassroots road facing. Also featuring in January are more adrenaline-packed seasons and episodes of the channel’s best and most popular programs about auto racing, kickboxing, wrestling, boxing and wrestling.

West Palm Beach, FL – December 31, 2018 – Untamed Sports turbocharges 2019 with the launch of a new, high-octane series about grassroots road facing. Also featuring in January are more adrenaline-packed seasons and episodes of the channel’s best and most popular programs about auto racing, kickboxing, wrestling, boxing and wrestling.

Untamed Sports packs a fierce punch with a relentless and expanding vortex of extreme sports and adventure programming, also including hunting, fishing, rafting and hiking, to name a few. Olympusat Inc. stands out as one of the best, largest and most diversified media companies in the world specialized in owning Spanish and English-language networks, as well as producing content and providing a plethora of technical services.

January has the need for speed in Untamed Sports with the premier of Grassroots-Road Racing on January 10 at 3 p.m. EST. This exhilarating half-hour documentary, produced by Nomad Digital in Canada, immerses viewers into the adrenaline-packed world of grassroots car racing.

New Year’s Day arrives with a power-slam with new episodes of Championship Wrestling from Arizona at 6:30 p.m. The weekly show profiles top and emerging stars from Arizona as they contend with opponents from around the world. Moreover, Tinseltown delivers a diving elbow drop at 11 a.m. with fresh episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, dishing out the excitement and drama reminiscent of the Golden Days of legends of the sport such as Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhoads and Briscoe Brothers. Sledding fans will say Whoa! New Year’s Day at 3 p.m. with new episodes of Sled Head, hailed as the most comprehensive snowmobile show on television.

January 2 delivers a roundhouse kick of bigger and better episodes of the kickboxing series Inside Glory, starting at 5 p.m. The show is hosted by Todd Grisham and features exclusive footage and interviews from global Glory events. Later at 8:30 p.m., tune in as well for a new season of Glory – Rewind, an all-access pass to the hardest kickboxing action including hard hits, devastating knockouts and upsets.

Speaking of knockouts, get ready January 3 at 2 p.m. for the best boxing series in syndication with fresh episodes of Ringside Boxing. This latest installment headlines two exciting title fights from Season's Beatings 2 Silent Night Night. Untamed Sports also throttles through January with the season premiere of the auto/racing blockbusters The Appraisers (1-9 6:30 p.m.), Extreme Auto Hunters (1/10 5 p.m. EST), American Car Prospectors (1-9 10 a.m.) and Honda Racing at Speed (1-12 3 p.m. To learn more about Olympusat’s networks and the company’s industry-leading efforts, please visit olympusat.com

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Cine Mexicano Kicks Off January with Race of Death Forbidden Love Story

Cine Mexicano starts 2019 with a bang, debuting a diverse menu of action, crime, drama and romantic films directed by renown directors Alfonso Ortiz Lara and Rodolfo Rodriguez. These high-quality releases solidify Cine Mexicano as the country’s prime Spanish-language movie network. Our mission: showcasing contemporary and commercial-free programming, including rancheras, comedies and action dramas.


Ultra Macho Burns Rubber with Two New Series About Everything Cars

Ultra Macho, Olympusat’s HD channel featuring the best in travel, extreme sports, Mexican wrestling, cars, late night adult shows, reality series, documentaries and other programming created to satisfy the taste of the Ultra Macho, announces the network premieres of two, eye-opening, entertaining shows guaranteed to take you for a ride in the fast lane.

Lado Oberto (11)

Ultra Macho’s Biographical Series follows NBA’s Francisco Oberto

Ultra Macho, Olympusat’s HD channel that features the best series, Mexican wrestling, extreme sports, automobile series and late-night adult programming, announced the network premiere of Lado Oberto, a fun, informative and biographical show hosted by the NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Fabricio Oberto.


Crazy Bulls, Barefoot Bishops and Furry Pearls Come to Gran Cine in January

Gran Cine’s January lineup brings together furry, inspiring and somewhat disturbing characters, including the lovable mutt Perla, the amazing Catalan bishop Pere Casaldàliga and a relentless, bloodthirsty vigilante known as Toro Loco (Crazy Bull). Also featuring are stories about drug traffickers in flight, wannabe politicians and doorways to other dimensions. This dynamic roster of releases is the reason why the channel distinguishes itself as Olympusat’s flagship network of contemporary Spanish movies from Spain and Latin America, all uncut and commercial free.

Las Esmeraldas (444)

Tele N Premieres New Primetime Colombian Telenovelas

Tele N, the television network showcasing the best selection of classic Mexican movies, as well as the most popular telenovelas and series from around the world, celebrates the end of the year featuring the network premiere of two wildly successful Colombian telenovelas, Esmeraldas and 5 Viudas Sueltas.

La Seleccion 14

Ultra Macho Presents Action and Adventure in March

March is packed with action and adventure in Ultra Macho with the premiere of movies about aerial terrorism, the end of the world and a powerful ancient crystal. Also launching is the story of two Russian agents and their endless fight against crime, and a series centered on the lives of famous soccer players. The channel is the prime destination for HD Spanish content including films, series, Mexican wrestling, and extreme sports programming, each new release starting EST.

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Ultra Docu Aims to Inspire in January with Stories of Love, Life and Freedom

Ultra Docu begins 2019 with a vast roster of political, filmic and biographical documentaries that tell the stories of inspiring lives and intense events in Latin American history. With these releases the channel expands its consistent vision of keeping knowledge-seeking fans plugged into trustworthy and informational content from around the globe, and carved between biography ad history, Ultra Docu also has a special treat for lovers of technology-related films.