London –  NBCUniversal International Networks (NBCUIN) – part of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies – today unveiled the brand refresh for Studio Universal, its movies channel available across Africa, Spanish Latin America, Brazil and Italy. Red Bee – the award-winning creative agency, now part of Ericsson group – led the refresh of the logo and on-air packaging, working in close collaboration with NBCUIN’s in-house creative and marketing team, who developed the new positioning and tagline. The refreshed brand will begin rolling out on 1 October in Africa and follow in other markets over the coming months.

In refreshing the brand, Red Bee was inspired by the iconic world of film. The on-screen presentation graphics take design cues from movie posters – such as a centred layout, type alignment and limited colour palettes – while the redesigned Studio Universal logo is now a confident black & white marque with a cinematic feel. The result is a channel brand that truly celebrates every aspect of the movies.

Eight new idents were also created by Red Bee, with the aim of bringing to life the Studio Universal experience and “We Are Movies” tagline. Each ident draws viewers in to carefully choreographed scenes – providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the people whose skill and dedication bring stories to life – reflecting the audience’s emotional connection to the movies. Shot on-location at Universal Studios in Hollywood, each ident has an opposite version – either light or dark in tone – which uses the same set, key actors and props unveiling a very different scene, emphasizing the magic of cinema. 

Marco Giusti, SVP, Creative, NBCUniversal International, commented: “In refreshing Studio Universal we wanted to challenge typical movie-channel conventions, taking inspiration from the craft and dedication of movie-makers for our positioning, packaging, logo and tagline. The result, via Red Bee’s inspired creative concept, is that we’ve firmly placed our love and passion for the movies at the heart of the Studio Universal brand with the aim of bringing viewers even closer to the full movie experience.” 

Andy Bryant, Managing Director, Red Bee, added: “We’re extremely proud to have been selected by NBCUniversal International Networks to work on the brand refresh for Studio Universal. Our challenge was to design a movie channel identity that would stand out from the crowd, conveying both scale and quality while connecting with audiences around the world. Instead of borrowing design cues from cinemas, we decided to take cues from the visual language of film posters and the process of film-making, itself, to immerse viewers in the movies.”

Studio Universal brings the expertise and magic of a rich cinema heritage to the small screen. Curating the cinematic experience, through a variety of movies across multiple genres, the channel ensures movie lovers (whatever their taste) are immersed time and time again. From the hottest blockbusters to evergreen classics, Studio Universal shares emotional experiences with families and friends everywhere.