ViewLift Launches to Bring Streaming Video Apps to Market for Brands Across Digital Devices


NEW YORK -- With streaming poised to become the principal way Americans consume video, a first-of-its-kind B2B service, ViewLift is launching today to help companies take advantage of this seismic shift among consumers and advertisers. Born out of the success of SnagFilms and Indiewire, ViewLift provides a complete end-to-end solution for creating, launching and monetizing video applications designed for the growing digital distribution ecosystem of smartphones and TVs, tablets, over-the-top boxes and game consoles and more. Through its full-service video streaming platform, ViewLift connects brands with viewers and advertisers across 21 different digital platforms – more than any other company on the market.

Bringing its expertise to market, ViewLift works with companies to build “digital channels” at an unmatched cost and speed-to-market with full independence and control, without relying on cable companies or other streaming services to distribute content. Its experienced team helps brands navigate the digital device ecosystem from PlayStation to Amazon Fire TV and across all iOS and Android mobile devices, understanding their unique requirements and best practices to build successful apps. ViewLift also leverages proprietary technology to track and analyze audience habits and viewing experiences to optimize content performance and capitalize on revenue. A one-stop-shop, ViewLift’s services include:

Custom Applications – Production, management and placement of custom, standalone applications designed for leading video streaming devices, including smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, game consoles and Internet TVs;

Plug-and-Play Monetization – Content monetization with integrated support for industry-leading payment gateways and diverse models including SVOD and AVOD;

Analytics – Detailed insights into a brand’s audience, viewing experience and content performance to enable fast, informed business decisions;

Security and Encryption – Content safeguards with advanced encryption technology combined with configurable permissions at the geographic, time-based and user level;

Complementary Content – Access to one of the digital world’s largest and most honored collections of films, TV shows and shorts to round out a video offering;

Full Service Support – Experienced guidance through the entire process with a full team to manage the design, marketing, relationships, app hosting, content curation and more.

"Consumers and advertisers alike are shifting to streaming video, and we’ve been in the space for years, creating apps for on-demand digital devices and maintaining strong relationships with every major player,” said Rick Allen, CEO of ViewLift's parent SnagFilms. “We’re bringing this expertise to market with ViewLift, helping companies capitalize on this massive shift and navigate the complex streaming device ecosystem to deliver applications that engage consumers and attract advertisers."

Backed by seasoned media veterans including Ted Leonsis, Steve Case and Terry Semel, ViewLift is unlike pure-play technology service vendors, as it builds off years of domain experience operating robust digital film channels across all major devices. In fact, SnagFilms has launched award-winning applications – from its flagship brand to verticals like KiddoVid and FunnyForFree – across 21 digital platforms. In addition to its technology and relationship management, ViewLift provides complementary film and TV content to its customers from a library featuring more than 5,000 free movies and shows.

ViewLift supports the rise of streaming video, as internet video users are projected to double to 1.5 billion people worldwide by 20161 and video views on smartphones and gaming consoles are up 86% and 365% respectively year-over-year2 Consumers today are more connected than ever, owning on average four digital devices, and streaming on-demand content for an average of 60 hours per week across devices whenever and wherever they want3 Advertising dollars are following, with online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu projected to make more money annually than the U.S. movie box office by 20174.

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About ViewLift

ViewLift, a full-service producer of streaming video applications, empowers brands to distribute streaming video content through custom, branded applications on every major digital device. Part of the SnagFilms and Indiewire family, ViewLift leverages years of domain experience as an operator (not just tech provider) and strong industry relationships to launch applications across 21 digital platforms including mobile, over-the-top, connected TV and game consoles – more than any other company on the market. ViewLift features a proprietary ad-supported video streaming platform with advanced analytics that enables brands to monetize video content and track performance in real-time. From design and marketing to content curation and app hosting, ViewLift offers a complete end-to-end solution for creating, launching and monetizing video applications. ViewLift is backed by leading VC firms, including Comcast Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Revolution and CNF Investments, as well as investors like Steve Case, Ted Leonsis, Terry Semel and more.