Wise Data Media Launches Wise Content, A Full Solution, Text-To-Video Technology That Transforms Story Telling Capabilities


Wise Data Media, a leading data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management platform provider, today announced the launch of Wise Content, a text to video technology that creates a new medium for your information quickly and efficiently. This system delivers content that is fully customizable, enabling you to choose your own commercial model and expand monetization and boost marketing efforts with ease.

Wise Content creates broadcast ready, branded videos for publishers and advertisers -- within seconds -- to meet the demand for digestible video content that can be watched on any device. This easy to use technology allows publishers and advertisers looking to build efficient and scalable video into their content strategies. The ability to quickly create engaging short news videos is the perfect solution for today's fast paced world.

“As online video continues to surge, we realized there was a need in the advertising and publishing markets for automated video creation,” said Wise Data Media Founder and CEO, Tomer Sade. “More and more of our clients are turning to our technology that promises to streamline video production and with Wise Content, they receive a versatile service that’s simple, quick, and fits all of their needs.”

Wise Content Features Include:

  • Expand your reach using a unique cross video solution that includes the players, the content and a content delivery network
  • Deliver contextually relevant cross device video content to your publishers and advertisers
  • Gain access to premium, exclusive video content via the wise/distrify partnership
  • Access an expansive library of premium inventory that boosts ad revenue and enhances user experiences
  • Seamlessly add videos to your site with the flexible API integration option that provides both easy to implement tags and the license to exclusive content on the server

About Wise Data Media

Wise Data Media is the producer of the Wise Data platform, the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) real-time bid management system that drives wise marketing decisions across all digital channels. The company's data-driven, cloud marketing and prediction management technology aims to predict how each new campaign can be best optimized to improve on results before bidding. The company offers both managed-service and self-service options as well as total brand safety, a secure and reliable data management system, fraud protection, and complete transparency. Wise Data Media utilizes its direct partnerships with premium publishers and the company’s extensive and exclusive inventory to elevate digital marketing campaigns.

For more information, go to Wise Data Media’s website at www.wisedmedia.com