WOW! Business Chooses Accedian to Assure Enterprise Connectivity Service Performance


Montreal, Canada - Accedian Networks, the end-to-end network performance experts, announced today that that communications and cloud service provider WOW! Business will deploy its performance assurance solutions to safeguard quality of service (QoS) for its commercial connectivity services.

WOW! Business provides Carrier Ethernet and IP business services, hybrid-cloud connectivity and high-speed internet, voice and video to businesses across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the U.S. It will use Accedian’s virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) solutions to assure end-to-end performance and quality of experience (QoE) for its enterprise customers.

Accedian’s solutions seamlessly integrate and scale into existing network operations, providing WOW! Business with full lifecycle performance assurance to ensure the highest possible reliability and performance from the day-of-install onward. This allows WOW! Business to offer exceptional service to all customer sites—spanning the smallest branch offices to fortune 500 offices.

The comprehensive, SLA-assured services that WOW! Business offers to small / medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises are delivered using a single, integrated monitoring and performance reporting platform from Accedian. Complementing and supplementing the capabilities of cable modems, Accedian vCPE modules will ensure carrier-grade, highly reliable Ethernet connectivity for customers connected via WOW! Business’ extensive hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) plant.

“WOW! is committed to full transparency and ensuring we deliver the highest quality of connectivity to our business customers, according to their specific requirements, circumstances, and budgets,” said Eric Fligel, VP Network Engineering at WOW! Business “Accedian’s solutions speed up and simplify the processes by which we can deploy services to our customers. They also lower costs on installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and service orchestration. With Accedian continuously monitoring every aspect of the performance of our network, our customers can rely on WOW! Business to deliver a high-quality, guaranteed service that meets their connectivity needs.”

“The choice of Accedian’s network performance assurance solutions gives WOW! the granular visibility and control to deliver differentiated services that fit the individual business needs of each enterprise customer,” said Keith Donahue, Accedian VP Product Management & Services. “The flexibility and reliability provided by our solutions play a crucial role in delivering the exceptional customer experience and superior QoS that WOW! Business customers have come to know them for.” About Accedian

Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network performance visibility, for control over the best possible user experience. Providing the most complete, current view of network health, Accedian dramatically improves visibility with actionable insights for peak reliability and quality of service (QoS). Accedian enables control over increasingly complex networks to increase agility, and reduce cost. Most importantly, through a fully optimized and performance assured network, Accedian proactively ensures maximum uptime and for peak quality of experience (QoE).

Since 2005, Accedian has assured hundreds of thousands of networks and services globally, turning performance into a key competitive differentiator. For more information, visit Twitter: @Accedian