Rev. Run Wants To Retire After Netflix's 'All About The Washingtons'

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Joey "Rev. Run" Simmons said he's ready to retire from show business, although his wife Justin Simmons isn't convinced he's ready.

The two stars of Netflix's new comedy All About The Washingtons, which debuts Aug. 10, said in a Multichannel Original Videos segment that the family sitcom is an fictional takeoff of their own lives, unlike previous unscripted series such as Run's House and Rev. Run's Sunday Suppers featuring the couple and their children.

As for the future, Rev. Run -- part of the legendary RunDMC hip hop group -- says he'd like to drop his entertainment mike at some point. "I want to really do what the show's (storyline) is asking me to do, and that’s retire,” he says.

Yet Justine Simmons says she’s doesn’t believe he’s ready to leave the entertainment business. “He can’t sit at home for one second,” she said. “Retirement is relaxing, and this dude – he wants to just go.”

To see the rest of the interview, check out the video at the top of the page. 

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